World goes on and so do we. We use the most advantaged technologies in all our shoes to guarantee you enjoyable moments with your sport. There are different shoes with different characters for different sports. However, in all of those sports there are three basic requirements above other:

Light weight, grip and protectiveness

”What in my shoes is important to me?

The number one point is the weight. It is crucial to have the lightest possible shoes to gain some extra seconds.

Then it comes to the grip. I need strong grip in the front part of the sole. That is why I am using spikes. If you are running aggressively, you are running more on your toes. But you also need good grip in the back part for downhill running.

And finally, you also need to know that your feet are well protected. This is a part were the new VJs are especially good, because usually it adds too much weight to the shoes. Not this time. You can be sure that a branch or a stone will not hurt you during the race. It’s really important to feel secure when you are running at full speed on an uneven ground.”

– Thierry Gueorgiou, 12-time world champion in orienteering

  • Fitlock

    When talking about orienteering shoe, it is important the shoe feels snug and fits your foot so that you can safely move and turn where ever and whenever you want with a stabile feeling. FITLOCK supports the arch steadily. The rubber material of FITLOCK protects the inside of your foot against punches from beneath.

  • Midstud

    A stud or two of them in the middle of the outsole guarantees a good grip when stepping on a fallen tree while running in a forest.

  • Superior Contact

    Superior Contact -outsole guarantees you the best grip to be imagined. The lugs on the outsole are placed classically to provide good grip but are spread far enough apart to easily shed mud, clay, snow and rocks. In the middle of the outsole there is a special track from toes to heel providing better grip on wet terrain than sleek outsole. Starstuds made from hard metal finish the outsole.

  • Inflexible upper

    When running off road, the circumstances are often extreme. Your foot should stay still in your shoe. Even though the terrain is wet our inflexible upper material provides a snug and comfortable fit for your feet.

  • Look after your VJ’s

    Always wash your shoes after use, especially when they are muddy. They’ll serve you longer if you follow these steps:

    Open the laces and take insoles out.

    Rinse off the dirt by hand.

    Hand wash shoes with mild detergent. The water temperature must not exceed 30°C. Don’t wash shoes in washing machine.

    Let shoes dry up in normal room temperature. Avoid direct sunshine.

    Don’t store them in a plastic bag.

    If your shoes feel too tight it might be because of too warm drying temperature or direct sunshine. In this case wet your shoes before wearing.

  • Schoeller®-Keprotec®

    Schoeller® – Keprotec® is a swiss innovation. This fabric is made using only the high quality materials. The fabric contains Kevlar®, an armide fiber which is five times stronger than steel. Schoeller® – Keprotec® provides you excellent protection, it is tear and temperature resistant and guarantees you high level of comfort.

    Schoeller® – Keprotec® material provides special characters for wet conditions. The material itself is waterproof. The morning dew stays outside of the shoe. If water comes in from the throat, it will be pumped out through the seams causing vacuum-efect. So the upper follows the shape of the foot even closer and this keeps the amount of water inside the shoe the smallest possible.

  • KvamO

    Revolutionary comfort. Never before has there been heel and forefoot cushioning in orienteering shoes. Big microfibre-urethane cushioning units, inside torsion support and shaped insole. That’s what we call KvamO.


  • Duotech

    The Duotech text in VJ’s midsole is telling you, that the inner side of the wedge is made of higher density foam than the rest of the midsole.  Dense material on the inner side of the wedge makes the shoe more durable. Despite this all VJ orienteering shoes can be categorized as fairly neutral shoes.


  • Butylrubber

    Revolutionary grip without studs! In VJ’s studless shoe, Irock, the outsole material is made of butyl rubber.  According tests made by our test runners, the grip is the best you can have without metal studs.

  • Starstud

    VJ’s starstud is multi-edged metal stud. Pentagonal shape guarantees better grip than normal round stud. The grip doesn’t get any better than this without spikes.