Swimrun – a challenge for your endurance, mind and teamwork skills

Team VJ-SPORT, a former national team swimmer Juha Lindfors and a former elite triathlete Mika Luoto, will participate in Porkkala Swimrun on saturday 22/7. Both of them are experienced swimrunners with top10 results (together with their own race partners) in ÖtillÖ – swimrun world championships. Porkkala swimrun will put their teamwork skills to a test – it will be intersting to see how it goes and if we’ll see them racing together later as well.


Swimrun is a sport there the teamwork is everything – no matter if you are an elite athlete or a rookie. Even if the team members are physically in top shape, the result will probably not be good if the team members aren’t on the same page. You can’t push your team mate too hard or leave him behind when his having hard time. A rubber ribbon between the team members can help to equalize the tempo to a certain level, but trainings together will show you what you pair is capable of. And training together is fun!

Both of us, Juha and Mika, have competed in a tough indivual sport at a high level, so our background is quite similar. The both are fascinated of swimrun because it’s very different compared to our earlier experiences, but challenges the physics and the mind as well. It’s a team sport, where you’re always racing together with someone and taking care of your partner, whitch is more demanding but also really rewarding.

We believe that it’s easier for beinners to dare to participate in a swimrun race because you’ll always have a partner. Something that feels impossible may feel more like a challenge when you’ll do it together. And after a succesful race you’ll get so share the good feeling with your pair. On top of that, swimrun is actually a really natural way to excercise; after a while you won’t even remember you gear when you’re just pushing forward. The best thing is that swimrun has so many varying elements, so the time goes flying by and you get to visit beautiful places you would never visit otherwise.

/Mika Luoto and Juha Lindfors, Team VJ-SPORT


(A translation, original text in finnish)