Jukola countdown: Olav Lundanes and Paimion Rasti ready for the fight

Olav Lundanes and Paimion Rasti are ready for the Jukola weekend. Pre-camps and trainings and competitions in similar terrains have prepared this world’s best orienteer for the challenges of Hälvälä-terrain. Many say that the depressions and partly difficult runability and hidden visibility of the Jukola 2018 terrain will make the game on this weekend interesting.

Olav with his team is ready for Jukola fight

“Actually after what I heard, I was waiting the terrain to be even more difficult than it is in my opinion”, Olav comments the rumors of the Jukola terrain.

This comment of Olav’s brings us to the fact, that world’s best orienteers know how to orienteer no matter the terrain. This why Olav doesn’t buy the idea that Finnish teams would have an advantage in the two battles of next weekend.

“All the best clubs have spent time here on their preparation camps and know what is waiting us in Jukola 2018. I foresee a tight battle where we with Paimion Rasti will do our best”, Olav concludes.



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