Disappearing from result lists and then announcing a club change to Kalevan Rasti. What’s up Miika Kirmula?

Miika Kirmula, young Finnish orienteering talent, will be running for Kalevan Rasti next year. Miika announced this suprising and hot club change from Angelniemen Ankkurit to Kalevan Rasti in between the years after a long quiet and calm period. Where and why was Miika hiding the whole autumn and how come he decided to join the already strong red-black team?

We couldnt’t find you on result lists in the 2nd half of the last season. Where did you disappear Miika Kirmula?

After WOC-relay I didn’t run any competition last season. I had problems in my groin. That was though. It was only that I finally got to train normally after a difficult winter that I was again forced to stop. I was training to WOC too much on my limits as I only started running trainings in February last year. Still I got some shape with only 90 hours of running and orienteering from November 2016 to July 2017! Surely I did other type of trainings with a motivation higher than ever.

How did you handle that disappointment?

We decided together with the doctor that the groin which already bothered me the whole winter, had to be taken care of with time. Back then it was releaving just to hang out with my parents at our summer cottage and summarize and think it all through. This was one of the hardest parts in my career this far. Was as well tough to stop the season in the middle of it but now I can say it was the only right option.


And how does the future look like now?

At the moment all looks good! My next big goal is in Norway in WOC in 2019 TOP 6. Sure there are important competitions in between too but Norway remains as the biggest goal. Next season there will be EOC and WOC and of course I try to beat my last summer’s result 19th on long distance. My winter season will include many training camps abroad.

Your decision to change club to Kalevan Rasti is for sure one of the hottest topics in the orienteering world this winter. Could you tell us your thoughts about it?

I felt like now is the right moment to try something new so that I won’t have to regret it once I am older. I guess you usually regret those things you didn’t try. I haven’t yet have many chances to hang out with my new clubmates, but many of them I know before hand and cool guys all of them! In the beginning of February we will have training camp together in Portugal and I am already looking forward to that. With a smaller group we already visited Latvia shortly.

From my old club Angelniemen Ankkurit I will miss those great friends I have and in general all people from AngA. But luckily they will stay there even though I will carry a new shirt this season.

  • Miika Kirmula I'm studying at Vierumäki to become a sport instructor. However at the moment orienteering is the most important thing for me. I enjoy every step I take.