Kengissä on joukko innovatiivisia teknisiä ratkaisuja. Ne on kehitetty, jotta Sinä voisit keskittyä vain itse suoritukseen.  Kaikki ratkaisut palvelevat kolmea VJ ja Sarva kenkien perusvaatimusta:

Keveys, pito ja suojaavuus

”What in my shoes is important to me?

The number one point is the weight. It is crucial to have the lightest possible shoes to gain some extra seconds.

Then it comes to the grip. I need strong grip in the front part of the sole. That is why I am using spikes. If you are running aggressively, you are running more on your toes. But you also need good grip in the back part for downhill running.

And finally, you also need to know that your feet are well protected. This is a part were the new VJs are especially good, because usually it adds too much weight to the shoes. Not this time. You can be sure that a branch or a stone will not hurt you during the race. It’s really important to feel secure when you are running at full speed on an uneven ground.”

– Thierry Gueorgiou, 13-time World Champion in orienteering