Technical trails and beautiful views at the World Mountain Running Championships

Sky running and mountain running: what are these sports actually and what do they have in common? For larger audience both sky and mountain running are more or less extreme versions of trailrunning. They differ from each other when it comes for example to the technicality of the trails, the length of the race, the profile of the race and the organizing association of the event. Both sports have at least one thing in common: World Championtitels in skyrunning and mountain running will be decided this weekend within the world’s best athletes in Scotland and in Andorra.

Picture: Phil Gale

For Emmie Collinge mountain running is the thing. In 2015 she won the silver medal at the up-and-down World Mountain Running Championships when they were held in Wales. In 2016 Emmi won the European title in Arco, Italy. Since then she has been struggling with injuries but is now taking part on the World Mountain Running Championships on Sunday 16th September in Andorra. Let’s let her tell us what is this sport actually about:

”The World Mountain Running Championships are the most traditional off-road racing format that’s affiliated with the IAAF, so the level of competition is super high with teams from across the world – including Kenya and Uganda. The World Championships alternate between uphill-only, and uphill-downhill each year. This year the course in Andorra will see both the elite men and women tackle the same 12 km uphill course, with around 1,100 metres of climbing, starting from Canillo at 1,500 meters above sea level. Technical trails (but not like the ridges found in skyrunning!), beautiful views, and lots of cow bells are what usually define a mountain running race.”

Picture: Phil Gale

That sounds intense but great! Fingers crossed for you Emmie, make those Irocks fly!


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