What’s up Sara?

We asked one of our young and talented athletes, Sara Hagström, what’s up in her life right now.

How are you Sara?
My life right now is a challenge to mix a preparing shaping period before EOC (easy when the weather outside is perfect) and a period with tough courses in school (hard when the weather outside is perfect). So my days right now are filled with trainings (of course with my new VJ Bold 7 shoes, to make them runned in until EOC), mechanic and geological studies outside in the sun but also time to be with friends and enjoy the early summer that has come to Gothenburg the last days.

How has your spring been this far?
I’m happy with my orienteering spring so far, I didn’t thought that it would be as good since I’ve had a winter with a bit more sickness and less training than previous years. I thought that the lack of technical trainings and analysis would play a big role in my spring season, but I think i have a lot of that in my backpack from previous years that helps me a lot now.

You got selected to world cup in Poland, that is great! How was it there?
The trip to Poland was for me not what i hoped for due to my results with a misspunch at middle distance but an OK race at the sprint with a 20th place after a slow but solid race. The sprint relay was so fun but some stress in the end of the last loop caused two big mistakes and a loose of placing from 8th to 13th with the Swedish 3rd team. But, as usual orienteering is so much more than just the results on the paper. I had a wonderful trip with fun happenings, good people and lots of new experiences that I believe can be very good for me when I really want to preform: at EOC.


How does your spring look from now on?
So, soon (after a field trip with school to looking at mud) I’m off to Czech Republic for my biggest goal this spring season. The individual distances I will run are the sprint distance at Sunday the 22th of May, and the middle distance at Thursday and Friday the 26th and 27th of May. The relay is to be selected after the middle and that is a big goal for med to be in one of the two Swedish teams. I have lots of hopes for the middle distance since I actually won the Swedish selection races and since I think middle is the distance that are most fun. I love the technical and intense orienteering a middle distance can give, and i think this terrain is perfect fitted for me. Beside the races I always enjoy being away on trips with the national team, and I think EOC will be such a memorable trip!


Life or this season don’t end to EOC. What will happen after Czech Republic?
Next up after EOC comes some “orienteering relaxed” days with exams in school and a Håkan Hellström concert, but short after that are the important selection races for WOC and University world champs, which I of course will rund and want to preform at. Since I’ve been living i Halden last year my dreams have for a long time been to run a WOC at “home ground”. But I know the Swedish team are super-strong right now and we are many who are aiming for the few spots to WOC, so the only thing I can do in the test races is to do my best and than see where it takes me.

Beginning of your first senior year has been pretty nice. Has there been any challenges or differences comparing to earlier years as a junior?
That is maybe the biggest step for me from my time as junior to my time as senior. The unwitting about whether im going to run something or not, and to train for something that I know there is a chance that I don’t even get to run. But, with everything hard comes something good and I think this is just what I need right know after some pretty “friction free” junior years. I have to fight and I have more reasons to develop further. When I associate with the people in the national team I learn so much and really get inspired to develop the things I need to step up to the next level which is needed for selections and higher results. I know I can and I really, really want!

/Sara Hagström

  • Sara Hagström I am a girl who tries to reach goals and see improvement from myself, in any kind of way (school, orienteering, guitarplaying, work, photografing and so on...), and if not, change the plan and try again! Im livig life full way and I like to experience many different things, thats one of the reasons why I love the adventures of the orienteering sport.