Team VJ goes JWOC: Sara

Tomorrow is a big day for Sara Hagström. She owns the junior world champion title in sprint from last year, and tomorrow she is going to fight for it again in Rauland. Sara’s jwoc was a great success last year and this season she has as well shown excellent shape. Sara tells she is nervous – but that is the same feeling as in earlier years. Read what kind of week Sara wish to have in Norway and what kind of wishes she has for the other jwoc-runners

How is it going?
I’m really good, enjoying warm Swedish summer evenings in my hometown Falköping, playing some beachvolleyball with friends and writing on my preparations for JWOC so I will be redy when i travel to Rauland.

How have you prepared for jwoc?
I’ve been on a good pre-camp with the Swedish team i Rauland where we tried to learn the technique and tactics for the special terrein-type. After that I went to train with some friends for a week in Sälen (a ski-resort in the Swedish mountains) with beautiful ”feel good terrein”. Now I’ve just done my last really high intensive training, swimming interwals with my sister and my dad, and I’m ready for the travel up to Rauland! Im a bit nervous if my preparations are good, but i’ve done my best and more than that is hard to do. On the other hand, I have been in this ”nervous about my preparatios before JWOC” situation three times before and it has turned out pretty well the other times! The only thing you can do is to do the best from where you are, and im defenlitely going to do my best now at JWOC!


What are your goals there in Norway?
I want to have a really nice week in Rauland with frieds, good orienteering and with new experiences. I want my orienteering to work out and i want to catch the feeling that I have full control of the technical orienteering in almost full physical speed. I want to find the flow! If that work out I hope it will be enough to achive another gold medal, but i know that there are many other really awesome girls to watch out for, both in the Swedish team and in other teams so I will try to have the main focus on my own preformance and feeling and not so much about other peoples preformances comapred to mine (the medals).

Which VJ-shoes do you pack in your luggage?
I had a hard time picking out wich ones I should bring, but my Irocks are amazing and always good on almost all distances, and i think my yellow VJ Bold also will be perfect for the forest distances so those two pairs are in the bag! I’ve also tried out a new pair on my jog today, VJ Amas Sarva wich were so comfortable (and good lookning) so I brought them too, maybe for some jogging between the races. I also have my green VJ Sarva wich I feel really safe with for the forest trainings before the races.

Which superpower would you like to have?
I’ve always been dreaming about flying, so maybe that would be helpful for my hunt after ”the flow” in orienteering. Combine that with a super-memory and i would be unstopable! Imagine that you just have to look at the map one time and then have that in mind the whole course.
But then the orienteering would not be so challenging (wich is partly the cahrm of the sport), so I think i would say no to the superpowers (except for the superpowers from VJ’s shoes 😉 )

Greetings for other jwoc-competitors:
I hope we together will make a fantastic week up in Rauland with a lot of memories, and you achive your own goals! If you have time over you are welcome to sauna and poolbathing with the swedish team 😉

  • Sara Hagström I am a girl who tries to reach goals and see improvement from myself, in any kind of way (school, orienteering, guitarplaying, work, photografing and so on...), and if not, change the plan and try again! Im livig life full way and I like to experience many different things, thats one of the reasons why I love the adventures of the orienteering sport.