Team VJ goes JWOC: Anton Kuukka

Junior world orienteering championships are soon here! The best young orienteers of the world will start their competition week in Switzerland in Engadin valley this Sunday. We asked how are our young team VJ talents doing. First Anton Kuukka from Finland.

What’s up Anton?

I’m fine, thanks. I was sick one day in last week and had to skip some hill trainings so the final preparation have not been the best possible. I am still quite confident about my shape because my winter training went so well.

Anton in last year’s Jwoc in Norway Photo: Porsgrunn OL

What are your feelings now before JWOC?

I was in Engading last autumn first time and there I noticed how amazing the terrains will be in JWOC. It wasn’t easy and I made quite much mistakes. Anyway I took it as a challenge and I really wanted to manage orienteering in those terrains this summer.

I was in the second training camp in Ticino and I was better but there was still a lot of room to improve. The 3rd time in Switzerland I was for the Finns test runs. There I got silver both middle and long and I felt that I am at last ready for the JWOC. Since then I’ve been looking forward to these competitions.

Your goals in Switzerland?

I aim for five good races with a full orienteering control. If I also physically manage to give my best then I am satisfied. I know with good runs top 6-positions are realistic in forest races. Anyway the competitions are so near that my full focus is only on orienteering technique and not anymore positions.

Goals for future?

My biggest goal is enjoy my orienteering life and I think that with pleasure of doing what I love will give the best result both in sport and in my personal life. When I was 10 year old Jani Lakanen won gold in WOC and then I thought that I wanna be also the Champion one day. I have not given up on this dream.

Quick ones:
Sprint or forest
Strawberry ice-cream or chocolate icecream
+ 5 degrees and rain or +35 degrees and sun
uphill or downhill
VJ Irock or VJ Bold

  • Anton Kuukka I’m an eager orienteer from Tampere. My goals and motivation are very high and I am going to train towards my dreams!