Team VJ goes JWOC: Anton

One of the four Team VJ runners in jwoc, the only man, is Anton Kuukka from Tampere. This is going to be the first time Anton will wear the Finnish national team’s shirt. Read what Anton thinks few days before his first jwoc ever and what has Daniel Hubmann and Yannick Michiels to do in this interview.

How is it going?

– Everything has gone well. I have been on holiday from school one month now and all my focus has been towards JWOC. We were in Rauland right after Jukola-relay as a pre-camp few days and I got touch once again with the Raulands wonderful terrains. I have been really excited whole time (since I got place to the team) about the games and hopefully it does not go over and I am able to sleep in peace.

How have you prepared for jwoc? 

– I have been twice in Rauland (last autumn and after Jukola like I said) and have got very good and important trainings in model terrains. I have done some table-o etc. trainings with old maps also and during long runs I have imagined myself to run well in JWOC of course.


What are your goals there in Norway?

– My focus is right now just doing good orienteering and I don’t think about places because the races are so close.

Which VJ-shoes you pack in your luggage?

– Irock for sprint and Supra for the forest races.

Which superpower would you like to have?

– I would like to use orienteering stars strengths: run as fast as Yannick Michiels in sprint, orienteer as well as Thierry Gueorgiou in middle distance and be as strong as Daniel Hubmann in long distance, and so good relay orienteer as Jan Procházka in relay ☺

Greetings for other jwoc-competitors:

– The VJ-team is going to be strong, but let’s orienteer first ☺

  • Anton Kuukka I’m an eager orienteer from Tampere. My goals and motivation are very high and I am going to train towards my dreams!