Power of a team

Finnish relay team Miika Kirmula, Elias Kuukka and Aleksi Niemi won a silver in World Orienteering Championships in Norway. What is the story behind this young team and how does Miika see the meaning of the medal for himself?

”Winning a relay silver in World Orienteering Championships means me incredibly lot. My past few years haven’t been the easiest due to so any injuries and periods without proper training. However I guess that all has made me even stronger, During those darker times you don’t always enjoy the trainings and sport so much but then on the other hand after you have experienced them, the good time feel even better.

We talked already last year with my national team colleagues Olli, Aleksi and Elias, that we will take a relay medal home from Norway. I feel that having this kind of close group of friends preparing together for the championships has made us all more relaxed. Everyone is willing to give all for the others but then on the side no one is afraid of failing. Failing wouldn’t make us any worse and most importantly wouldn’t disturb our friendship.

I would say we had this year the best ever preparation camp for WOC. We were fishing together almost more time than what we spent in forest.

Picture: Pasi Raukko

It feels amazing to win the silver with these guys. I know them since we were competing against each other in youth classes. Since then we have been together in junior national team and now in adult national team. For six years we have been going to competitions and training camps together. During that time I have seen them succeeding and failing multiple times and that makes us a real close team.”

  • Miika Kirmula I'm studying at Vierumäki to become a sport instructor. However at the moment orienteering is the most important thing for me. I enjoy every step I take.