Life of Anton

European Championships in orienteering are about to start today. One of the young athletes doing their debut in senior championships is Swede Anton Johansson. We checked how Anton is doing.

How was world cup in Poland for you Anton?

The world cup competitions in Poland were my debut as a runner in the senior national team. Maybe those competitions weren’t my best races I’ve done, but I got some valuable experiences during those races. I will try to keep these experiences in mind when I’m going to the European Championships and hopefully make better races there.

Now it is time for European Championships. Did you expect being selected? How does it feel and what are your goals in Czech Republic?

Actually I got a bit surprised, the notice came like a bolt from he blue because I hadn’t expected to be selected. Now though, I’m really looking forward to new challenges and to make my debut, at a championship, in the senior national team. I can only focus on what I can affect and that is my preparations and what I’m doing during my races. I will do my best and then we will see how far it will take me.


 What is going to happen in the rest of summer?

I will be home in Jämjö preparing at Torhamnslandet and Blekinge for summers and autumns important competitions. Then we are having selection races for the World Championships in the beginning of June, then we’ll see how the summer will be. What I know so far is that I will enjoy running Oringen in Sälen. Later this autumn the Swedish championships will be in Blekinge, the small district in Sweden were I’m from, that will be completely awesome and I’m really looking forward to it.

You have quite a though year behind you with injury. How does it feel being back?

It feels good to be back again. After last years struggle, where I had to do a surgery because of two stress fractures in my foot, and after one year of rehabilitation of it, I’m now able to compete against the best runners.
During the winter I have been able to stay to my plan, stayed away from injuries and sickness, so I think that this season will be a fun.

How is it going in life otherwise?

I’m studying, part time, to become engineer in communication, transport and infrastructure in Norrköping. This spring there have been more orienteering than school, but I think I can manage to handle both in some way.

Good luck Anton! 

  • Anton Johansson Positive, ”talkative”, focused and competitive person that always give 100%. I live for the moment and future victories. Big fan of the Swedish tradition ”fika”, that is my winning concept. Older brother to Tilda Johansson, for the record, I have taught her everything she knows. Now also ”Ironman”, since a few weeks ago.