10-mila – a Team Victory as well as Coach Stategy and also a Regional triumph

Domnarvets GoIF is a club with an amazing statistics in relayrunning during 2000. Four times it has been a victory in womens 10-mila!

Last three years it has been same 6 girls fighting and supporting the first team and of that came out two victories and one ”lousy” 15-spot! That is high level and really nice to be able to share that joy and happy feeling that follow when ALL runners perform at their best AND we can actually win at the same time!vet inte

Since 2013 our coach Peter Löfås has had a great deal to do with our fantastic statistics. His tactical moves has made every runner able to perform her best and that’s what it’s all about. Let the runner only think about her own job out there and act in favour of the team. When the coach even brings ”hairstuff” in coachbag– what else can go wrong =).

Together we all grow stronger

Remarkable in this situation is that Peter himself run for Stora Tuna OK, the other big club in the same town (Borlänge), but I would dare to say that there are no hard feelings (at least not BIG ones =)). In fact I would say that I felt an amazing support from other teams in Dalarna while running towards the startingpoint in the lead of last leg 2013. Also after crossing the finishline there, and while winning this year, were smiles and happy wishes from most people in other teams – cool!

Place 1 + 3 + 7 this year in womens relay and sprintfinish to get 9th and 10th spot in mens relay also tell that we are a strong region.

Welcome to my/our neighbourhood for 10-mila 2016!

But first we focus Venla – I really LOVE relayrunning!